Our 2019 prices

All kits, no matter the coat colour (blackself, sable, sandy, albino…) are sold at 200 euros (approx. 227,23 US$).
The ordering deposit costs 100 euros (approx. 113,61 US$) and can be paid by Paypal, by cash, by international bank tranfer or by bank check along with the signed sale contract. The remaining price must be paid at maximum one week before the kit’s departure from our home. You can pay in multiple times, as long as the whole price is paid before the week before the kit’s departure.

We can sell kits to foreign adopters. If you don’t live in France and want to adopt one of our kits, please read the following page: Buying from abroad.

If you want the kit to come with a European pet passport (mandatory to leave France), please tell us before the kits are 4 weeks old. The European pet passport will cost extra fees of 15 euros.

If you want the kit to be vaccinated against rabies (mandatory to be exported in some countries), it will cost extra fees of 50 euros. Those fees include: the vaccine shot, the vet appointment and the European pet passport.

Kit price (any colour)

Includes: Distemper disease vaccine, deworming, treatment against ectoparasites, ID microchip and a Kit Starter Pack

200 euros
Rabies vaccine (+ European pet passport) + 50 euros
European pet passport only + 15 euros
Car delivery (France only) + 0.35 euros/km (around Coutras and Bordeaux)
Plane delivery (abroad) Contact us for a precise quotation


The Kit Starter Pack

All our kits are sold vaccinated against Distemper disease and identified by microchip. They’re also dewormed and treated against ectoparasites (fleas, ticks…), fully weaned and handled daily.

Each kit comes with a Kit Starter Pack :

  • Our Starter Guide to Ferrets
  • The kit’s genealogy
  • His/her health book
  • The French iCad ID card
  • A veterinary proof of good health
  • One small toy
  • Raw food for one day (except if the ferret is leaving by plane)
  • More photos of the kit, sent by email or Google Drive
  • Unlimited advice and follow-up !


Delivery by car

We can deliver the kit by car, in France only, within 200 km of Coutras. The delivery fees are worth 0,35 euros/km. We use the Michelin interactive map to calculate the fees, and then write down a quotation. No delivery will be made until you agree with our fees quotation.

Other possible options

If you need anything more when coming to pick up your kit, please ask us. We can offer :

  • A transport cage : we’ll charge you for the price of a good quality, IATA cage (suitable cage for a plane travel).
  • Frozen chicks : we can sell frozen day old chicks, at the same price than our own prey provider (depending on our stocks)
  • Frozen raw food: we can sell frozen home-made raw food (price will vary depending on the meat we used). (depending on our stocks)
  • Free sample of grain free dry food: despite being in favour of raw food, we can give you free samples of high quality grain free dry food if needed.

Contact us for any personal need or question !