Our Services

Adoption and help

We offer unlimited help, advice and support by email or phone. We can also help you with your overall adoption project, by helping you select a cage, the best food retailers, good quality hammock retailers…

Additional adoption options are available (additional fees will be charged): IATA transport cage, frozen food…

We can also deliver your kit by car in France, within 200 km around Coutras (33) for extra fees worth 0,35 euros/km.

Mating service

We can lend you our hobs to mate your jill, for 90 Euros TTC (the mating session lasts for 2 days). Please contact us by email so we can talk about your project, and determine if your jill fills our breeding ethics and health criteria.

If you need to rehome the ferret…

You may face a terrible situation when you have no other choice but to  rehome the ferret we sold you.
If it ever happens, please contact us so we can find a solution for your pet.
We won’t judge you, and we’ll try to find the best solution for the situation : temporary home, return to our ferretry, contact with serious adopters we know

Please don’t go to a shelter right away – most shelters deal only with dogs and cats, and don’t know how to properly care for ferrets.

We’d rather take our kits back than finding them in shelters or in the streets…

Contact us

You can send an email, call us by phone or write a PM from our Facebook page.

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