Meet Sàrkàny

Bajnok Luciana Cyro, aka Sàrkàny

October the 28th, 2017

Breeder: Bajnok Ferretry (Hungary)

Genealogy: Hungarian origins, angora free and white-face free.


Brotherhood : 8 blackself (dark sable) brothers and sisters, 7 survived

Previous litters: 8 kits (4 females and 4 males) in 2019

Description: blackself/dark sable jill with a tough body structure, good fur density, balanced morphology.

Personality: extremely active, playful and curious jill ! Takes some time to trust, but becomes very friendly once she feels safe. Excellent mother.

Registered in the European Union of Ferret Breeders registry

Microchipped and vaccinated against Distemper

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