Meet Krokmou

Krokmou of Twilight Polecats

june the 12th, 2014

Origin :  Twilight Polecats ferretry (France)

Genealogy: French origins, without white markings, only short hair

gene_midoxphelim copie.jpg

Siblings: One blackself sister (Elinor) and one black sable sister (Pookie).

Previous litters: 8 kits with Sàrkàny in 2019

Description: black sable hob with a muscular body type, short muzzle, dark mask, black eyes, short hair

Personality : Very intelligent and cuddly, he needs confident human caregivers, unless he’s prone to bite out of fear. He lived with my mother for 5 years, but came back to our home because she was afraid of him and they ended up in a toxic biting circle.

Microchipped and vaccinated against canine distemper

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