Buying from abroad

Are you from another European country ? Or from another continent ?
If you want to import a ferret from our facility, please contact us so we can arrange the procedure. Please take some time to consider the following elements before contacting us.

Additional fees

Sending a ferret abroad will cause us extra expenses, which will be charged to you as additional fees:

  • Price of a quality, IATA transport cage : we can’t use « just any cage » for international transports, as there are strict laws about live animals transports.
  • Price of the transport itself : depending on the arrangement we can find, and the country the ferret is exported to, transport fees can vary. It will generally be cheaper for you to come and pick the ferret in Paris than to have her sent directly by plane hundreds/thousands of kilometers away.
  • Price of an insurance : the situation may force us to pay some sort of insurance for the ferret’s transport.
  • Price of extra vaccination and healthcare : the laws clearly states that any carnivorous animal exported to a country outside of the European Union must be vaccinated against Rabies. For some countries, we will also have to perform mandatory serology tests, to prove the ferret’s immune system did react to the vaccine shot.

No ferret will be sent before we can calculate a propre quotation and until you validate it.

Waiting period

Carnivorous animals can’t travel inside the UE without their mother before the age of 12 weeks old. For other foreign countries, a longer waiting period may be necessary.
When you contact us to buy a ferret from abroad, we’ll check laws about exporting ferrets to your country. Please check that information yourself as well, in example by asking your local veterinary services.

If you’re from an European country, you can check EU laws about movements of pets HERE.

Check your local laws

Ferrets are illegal in some countries and American states : New Zealand, Hawaii, California…
Some other countries do accept ferrets, with restrictive conditions, like Switzerland.
Please make sure ferret keeping is legal in your country before contacting us.